Animal. Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you can find out a lot about our Animal products.

What's actually in the animal bottles?

The content of the Animal bottles depends on the specific application of the product: for hygiene, grooming, odor removal or cleaning.

Generally, our Animal Bottles include:

  • a biomass of microorganisms and nutrients
  • a large proportion of water to dilute the biomass
  • a very small amount of organic flavorings (odor eliminators and cleaners)

Note: Animal bottles must be shaken well before use so that our microbes can spread everywhere in the water.

How many microbes are in an Animal bottle ?

Our ready-to-use Animal products contain a whopping 10 million autoactive microorganisms per milliliter (cfu/ml = colony forming units per milliliter). Each individual microbe can in turn divide millions of times and thus independently develop its own colony. Our Animal concentrates contain ten times that, i.e. 100 million colony forming units per milliliter of liquid (cfu/ml).

The composition of the different autoactive microorganisms varies depending on the Animal product. The Probiotic Group has over 100 different microbial strains in their biobank, all of which are QPS certified (Qualified Presumption of Safety) and produced in the EU.

Note: Before use, Animal bottles must be shaken well so that our microbes can spread throughout the liquid.

Why is there a Provilan logo on our label ?

Our Animal products are co-branded by Probiotic Group Luxembourg. They contain the same quality as the in-house brand: Provilan. That is why our labels also contain the Provilan logo. Visit the Provilan Homepage for more information.

How long do the microorganisms survive in the Animal bottles ?

Many years of research were necessary to develop a stable biomass. It is now possible for us to store our Animal products for a period of 18 months. However, once a bottle has been opened, it must be used within 6 months. One more thing is important, our microbes do not like cold temperatures, nor do they like hot temperatures when they are at rest. Therefore, the Animal bottles must always be stored between 10°C and 35°C.

Why do Animal products contain flavorings ?

Our Animal Odor Eliminator, Shampoo and Cleanser all contain organic flavorings when we don't need them. Unpleasant odors are eliminated by our autoactive microorganisms, so we don't have to cover anything with fragrances. But the sale of Provilan products has shown us that almost all buyers judge the quality of a product by its scent: "If an odor remover or a cleaning agent smells citrus-fresh, for example, then it must also work well." We probably learned this behavior as children.

So with Animal, we made a compromise. Animal contains only very small amounts of the flavorings (that's why we don't have to show "Caution!" symbols on the bottle labels), which also evaporate very quickly. Of course, we also use organic flavors instead of synthetic ones.

Note: The Fresh odor remover has also been tested and meets all standards and recommendations on indoor air quality. Air Intérieur Contrôlé rates the risk of toxicity when inhaling the substances sprayed into the air as "very low" (A+).

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