Animal. Qualität by Provilan.

Animal cleans the air.

Autoactive microorganisms are the key to the ingenious effects of our products. Just like in nature, they biologically eliminate unpleasant odors in the room air. Without needing the classic chemical substances that could pollute our indoor air. An important factor for us, our animals and our environment.

In every Animal bottle, millions of special probiotic microbes are waiting to remove unpleasant odors for you too. You can easily use them:

Animal. The microbiological freshness.

Animal Fresh

was developed for use against unpleasant odours. For animal cages and animal toilets. For shoes, boots and clothes. For all interiors, also in vehicles. Animal Fresh also helps with urine marks or with vomit. With every application you spray thousands of our probiotic microbes. They become active immediately and start looking for odor-causing dirt particles all by themselves. In the air, on surfaces, in fabrics, fibers, pores, grooves and small cracks. Dirt, fat or protein particles are their food, which is metabolized.

With every spray you distribute our autoactive microorganisms in the room air. For example, if they encounter an unpleasant-smelling droplet of sweat, they simply break it down and absorb small particles as nutrients. They are so effective that within a short time there is nothing left that could bother our noses. But that is not all. With Animal Fresh you don't spray chemical agents or synthetic fragrances. This keeps the air clean and your or your pet's respiratory organs are not unnecessarily burdened.

Animal Fresh

Animal Fresh is safe

The Probiotic Group Luxembourg has Air Intérieur Contrôlé commissioned to test the ingredients of the Provilan odor remover for harmlessness to health.

"Air Intérieur Contrôlé" assigns each tested product a pollution index from A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions ) to. In this way, consumers can consciously select products that emit the smallest amounts of volatile substances into the air and are therefore harmless to health.

"Air Intérieur Contrôlé" gives the tested Provilan product group an A+ rating and at the same time gives permission to inform our customers that the risk of inhalation toxicity (inhalation of toxins) is very low and the Provilan products meet all standards and recommendations for indoor air quality. In addition, the result sets new standards, since the emission value caused by our products reaches less than 2 percent of the limit value specified for an A+ certification. We think: "More secure is hardly possible!"