Provilan. A unique formula.

At first it was just an idea: to use microorganisms in cleaning agents in order to be able to do without harmful chemical agents. The fact that cleaning agents work much better with probiotic microbes and are a very sensible way was clear to the doctor Martin M.G. Schoonbroodt perfectly clear. But trend-setting products can only be created if they have a reliable and verifiable effect.

Provilan is the result of this idea. A unique formula makes it possible. A mix of different probiotic microorganisms is the solution. Thanks to them, we have perfect, particularly ecological cleaners and odor removers. But that's not all. Incidentally, Provilan restores the natural, microbiological balance on surfaces, in tissues, on the skin, in the soil and in the water. Scientifically proven. Tested a hundred times. Confirmed by institutes, doctors, experts and customers for years.

Unique products for animals. Cleaning products for private or commercial use. Special solutions for soil remediation or water optimization. Naturally. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The mix of autoactive microorganisms ensures the reliable effect and the diverse applications.

Provilan. Good for us. Good for our environment.