Animal. Our products are alive.

Microbes make it possible.

Animal uses microbiological knowledge. For millions of years, nature has shown us how to do it: microorganisms keep everything in balance! You don't need chemical agents to disrupt disease-causing bacteria. That's why Animal contains autoactive microorganisms. They create the optimal product for every area of application. For hygiene, for gentle fur, hair and skin care, for cleaning of baskets, blankets and toys or for the perfect removal of unpleasant odours. The effects have been extensively researched, scientifically proven and tested by doctors and experts.

Animal is healthier.

Our products do not contain any classic chemical agents. Worldwide research shows how important this is. For one, no chemical contaminants are spread onto surfaces or into the air through the use of Animal. The health of the respiratory organs is not unnecessarily burdened. On the other hand, Animal does not promote the development of resistance in bacteria. This is the second big advantage compared to products that work on the basis of chemical substances. These are the reasons why we are taking a microbiological approach with Animal. It is particularly sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly.

Animal. The best for us and our animals.