Animal. Frequently Asked Questions.

We explain how our microbes work.

How does Animal work?

Whenever you use Animal, you spray or spread our microorganisms along with a biomass. The microbes come into contact with the oxygen molecules in the air. They use these aerobic (oxygen-rich) conditions immediately and become active automatically.

The biomass contained in the Animal bottles is the primary care for our microbes. The biomass provides enough energy for foraging and reproduction. As soon as our microorganisms have found dirt particles, odor molecules, fats or proteins (protein substances), they are no longer dependent on the biomass. They now live on the nutrients they find and break down organic molecules into small components (e.g. water, oxygen or carbon dioxide).

Animal works through a very natural process. Even without the chemical agents of classic cleaners. Nevertheless, everything is clean and pore-deep clean. On surfaces and in the air, on the skin and fur of our animals, even in the mouth and in the outer auditory canals of the ears. Isn't that awesome?

Note: Before use, Animal bottles must be shaken well so that our microbes and biomass can disperse in the animal fluid.

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