Animal. Quality by Provilan.

The microbiological odor removal.

Autoactive microorganisms are the secret of our products. Small microbes are the key to the ingenious effects. Just like in nature, they biologically eliminate unpleasant odors in the room air. Without needing the classic chemical substances that could pollute our indoor air. An important factor for us, our animals and our environment. Autoactive microorganisms work sustainably, ecologically and absolutely environmentally friendly.

This power of nature is in every Animal bottle. Our special microbes are waiting to help you too. You can easily use them:

Animal. The microbiological freshness.

Animal Fresh

microbiologically eliminates all unpleasant odors, for example from animal cages, animal toilets, wet fur, stains from urine markings or vomit. But also in shoes, boots, clothing or vehicles. Animal Fresh does not use any chemical agents or mask the smell with pleasant, synthetic fragrances. We go a completely different way and use autoactive microorganisms. They remove unpleasant smells. Within a short time there is simply nothing left that could bother our noses.

Please shake Animal Fresh well before each use. Then simply spray into the room air and leave to act for a few minutes, or spray directly onto the surface of the stain causing the stain. In the case of heavy or older soiling (e.g. urine stains), please repeat the application several times at intervals of a few hours. The microbes contained in Animal Fresh reliably remove the odour-causing dirt particles. Not only in the room air but also on the surface, in tissues, fibers, pores, grooves and small cracks.

Animal Fresh